Walkthrough MindBreak v0.2

 Walkthrough MindBreak v0.2

This is a guide made up to help you to
advance in the game. The core of the
game is very simple, to advance you simply
need to repeat over and over particular
actions (various inside the game) in order
to increase the variable stats of the girls
unlocking the possibility of “Breaking”
the girl.
Mindbreak walkt

-First of all, you need to be in your room in the
evening on the first day, in order to trigger the
Miko’s first event.
-Now you have unlocked the corruption
mechanisms of the Girls, from now on you can
visit Miko in her room and she will give you
various HINTS to help you corrupting the
-You can work at the onsen to make some
money-Roaming around will trigger some
random events (Not inside the game yet)

Mindbreak anna

-To start corrupting Anna, you need to raise two
hidden stats that she has: Love and Sex. First,
you need to raise the Love of Anna with
numerous events.
-Working inside the Onsen
-Working outside the Onsen
-Console her in the sofa
-More will be added (0.2.5 v)
After a while, you should consult with Miko
about the corruption of Anna. Miko should be
saying that she heard a strange noise coming
from the living room during the night. Now all
you have to do is wait for the night and go to
the living room to check this strange noises.
You should trigger the event of Anna
masturbating. Now go to sleep and the next
morning Anna will come to your room to “talk”
(Break + 1).
-From now on Anna should start acting shy
around you, but you also have unlocked a
bunch of new events. You can now start to ask
her sexual favours, molest her during the night,
and other events. Now you need to raise her sex
stats to advance to the next break.
– Asking sexual favours
– Spying Anna in the toilet
– Keeping her company in the dining
– Onsen Events
– Spying Anna in the garden
– More will be added (0.2.5 v)
As always after a while, Miko should tell you
that lately, Anna is taking long pauses from the
reception of the onsen to stay in the bathroom
for a couple of minutes. Now just try to talk to
her in the onsen to unlock the second break.

-You need to be in your room in the evening on
the first day, in order to trigger the Miko’s first
-You don’t actually need to corrupt Miko in this
version of the game.
-Unfortunately Rey storyline needs a rework,
basically, you just go in the Tea room during
the afternoon and snap some compromising
picture of her (The event is random so don’t
worry if not pop up the first time)
-After that just go to her room and blackmail
her, from now on, you just need to keep forcing
her to take pictures of her to unlock new events
and path.


-The route of Mizuki it’s a little more
complicated. Basically you need to raise her
love towards you by doing simple stuff with her
during the day:
-Helping her cleaning the garden
-Praying with her
-Giving her a footrub
-More to come (0.2.5 v)
After you raised her love enough, just go to
Miko and ask her if Mizuki is ready for a
special yoga training. Then the next day, visit
Mizuki and propose to her a yoga class without
Miko, this will trigger the first “Break”.

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