Their Beautiful World – Walkthrough

This is a guide meant for completionists. This guide will describe how to unlock everything in the game,
how many random events there are and how to complete every collection.
Harbor District: Explore Common District
Merchant District: Explore Harbor District
Guard District: Explore Merchant District
Inn: Explore Harbor District (after unlocking Merchant District)
Bathhouse: Explore Merchant District (after unlocking Guard District)
Mystery Merchant: Explore Merchant District (after unlocking bathhouse)
Number of random events
Common District: 4
Harbor District: 5
Merchant District: 3
Guard District: 0
Inn: 3
Bathhouse: 3 (2 are randomly available each day)
Qaza cards
Card 1 – 10: Part of you deck at the beginning of the game
Card 11: Make the frigid girl cum during one the Harbor District random events
Card 12: Give the dwarfling some money during one of the Harbor District random events
Card 13: Beat the Qaza player during one of the Merchant District random events
Card 14 – 15: Buy from Mystery Merchant (stock changes each day)

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