The World of Porncraft: Whorelords of Draenor – v.2.6

Developer: Zuleyka Games – Patreon | Site
Censorship: No?
Version: 2.6
OS: Win
Language: English
Voiced: all XXX scenes
File size: 629 MB
Genre:Rpg, 3DCG, Female heroine, Fantasy, World of Warcraft ,Fetishes: r*pe, monsters, be*sts, corruption, humiliation, gangbang, deepthroat, DP, bukkake, maids, slaves

about Game:

The Whorelords of Draenor – is an innovational stealth RPG
The main heroine – Sylvanas Whorerunner prepare to fight the Real Evil!
The Orcish Clan “Iron Dicks” invade the Azeroth. The lewd orcs are going to turn females of all races into sex slaves.

We’ve had in the full 2.4.6 version about:

+ 100 3D renders in adult scenes
+ 40 porn stories
+ 16 2D animations
+ 10 3D “Bad End” videos
+ 20 unique characters
+ 25 zones made by parallax mapping
+ voice acting & sounds for XXX events

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Whorelords 2.4.6
– Major Bugfixing. +10 bugs are dead now! (critical errors, video resizing etc) So the game is stable now. Enjoy the gameplay!

– Old levels reworked, new dialogs and mechanic of Prison A level.

– New WASD bindings, now you can use WASD or keyboard arrows in mini games.

– New mini-game mechanic with random arrows

– New Sylvana’s Dialogs added & minor text content updates

– Some monsters have more powerful magic resists (depends on the magic school), but other kind of enemys has more physical resist.

Ver 2.3:
– Worgs and Grey Dragon hentai animations and events added in the Farm
– Sylvanas & C’Thun animations and quest added to the Temple
– +20 HQ Hot 3D Busts added to the game. Like Cheeky Maid, Elice, Blood and Night Elves etc.
– XXX-Event Call of C’Thun fully voiced (cultists and priest voices added)
– a lot of minor bugfixes and upgrades

Ver. 2.0.3a
– All texts are corrected and verified (thanks to chrisroxxx).
– The amount of free porn content is doubled x2!
– New marauder XXX animation added

Ver. 2.0.2
– New Sex Battle System (fully updated battles engine, sex attacks/defends and new 3D erotic stuff)
– All the levels in the game are redrawn in Parallax Mapping (extra speed and nice look)
– Optimized game engine and enemies AI algorithms (x3 more game speed compared to 1.2.1, up to 60fps + very smart orcs =)
– Full mouse support in battle, skills menu, world and the XXX gallery and reworked GUI
– Updated training levels – New mechanics: the lattice stops enemies – New stealth Matrix effect (sneaking speed increased)
– Updated HD model of the main character (so far, only in battle)
– New character, the girl-orc trainer (can teach you naked, if is defeated)
– New XXX events: (hardcore anal in the Intro and DP gangr*pe in last levels)
– New quests: Orcs Alcoholics Anonymous, Stealth Trainer, Death of Rabbits, Sexual Revolution and Call of C’Thun
– New locations: Pool, Alchemy Lab and the Undead windpass
– New weapons system
– New disenchanter & vendor npc
– New marauder “you lose” XXX animation
– New abilities, potions, herbs, npc and much more

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