The Psychologist – Version 1.0 (Pc,Mac)

about Game:

You’re a successful psychologist, you knew your way around hypnosis really well, You have a loving family, and what you do with the characters in game is mostly under your control. Each character had their own unique approach and it’ll take time before you can help them with their problems, or potentially making them yours completely.?

First, it’s a reboot of the game, means that the story starts back at the beginning. However, it’s not a carbon copy of the previous story. It needed to be this way since the last story needs to cater to a certain type of progression gameplay, and the new one is a different beast in it’s own. So, the story is not exactly the same, but it is generally similar.

So, the story is not exactly the same, but it is generally similar.
– I’ve also updated Samantha’s look slightly, now her hair is red (previously black.)
– Ginny’s general outfit has changed, I think most characters will have different outfits on different days from now on.
– Also, I removed the blinking animation from the previous game. That animation actually nearly doubled the file size of the game on it’s own, so it had to go.
– My plan with the new story is to implant important choices mostly on hypnosis sessions. It might see change in the future, but we’ll see how things go.
– The next release date, if everything goes to plan, and it will include the first 2 days in the game, should be coming in a few days.
– Do note that it won’t have massive content, but it’s there to show what the new remake is, and I think people have waited too long for any new development of this game.

0.30 – Abandoned
Compiled everything that had been finished so far and decided to make another version. To be clear, there’s not much more content aside for Ginny and Tiffany.
There’s 2 more sessions added for both of them, 2 more meetings with Georgia, about 10 more generic events, 3 more affection events and I think that’s about it.
Also included all extra content done in this version.
AI System, both for interaction, events, and actions WITHIN interactions.
Interactions are working the way it should be, but it needs more content to be properly playable.
Events system are also in place, all that it needs is actual content to feel it’s impact.
Area movement, you can properly move between areas now.
Multi character interactions are expanded further, but not playable as of this version.
Hypnosis is implemented for Samantha, Tiffany and Ginny. Georgia’s current state doesn’t allow for a hypnosis sessions yet. But there is progression for her in this version.

Download Pc, Mac version

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