The Eternal Feast – Version 0.1

Censorship: No
Developer / Publisher: Yron Vol
Language : English
File size: 206 MB

about Game:

In the dark dimension of the Lus’Inne you take on the role of Yra, a young woman who finds herself in one of the most prestigious positions a female can acquire, that of concubine to the Mistress of Pleasure herself. Illustrious as the position seems, it turns out to be one of bondage, for not only are you expected to be present at the whim of the dark Goddess, you must also perform any and all deeds Her wicked mind devises.


Patch Notes:

– Fixed weird graphic issue in Nerzul’ia scene

– Fixed the end game message

– Text is now sharper and justified to block

– Text should now render correctly across all resolutions

– Dialogue styling added (makes it easier to see what part of the text is dialogue)

I realise a feature like dialogue styling may not be for everyone. I’m planning to release a future build with the option to change your font-size and also turn enhancements in the text on or off. So if you want a plain book-like experience you’ll get that option in time, and if a lot of you start to scream about this it will be sooner than later

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