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Son of a bitch! Walkthrough by nicknames



Son of a bitch!

nastasia Kharitonovna (real name: kendra lust) is our neighbor. The Antipov family lived next to us as much as I can remember. Mom was friends with Aunt Nastya and is friends to this day. Sometimes, when my mother drove on business trips, she left me and my sister with Anastasia. She lives with her husband. Aunt Nastya also has her hairdresser salon not far from home.?

Nastya – the continuation of the love branch (Give her all the loot) – Available Only with 23 versions of the game!
1. After a lot of visits, she will give you the keys to the apartment.
2. Then I increased the attitude with compliments. (possibly not necessary)
3.After all I came to her on Sunday at 10 am her husband invites you to play poker.
4. Now every Sunday we play poker with him with high stakes every time.
5. On some day you will propose to play him on an aunt (Anastasia), first he refuses, but on the next game he will accept the offer.
6. When you win, just give all the money to your aunt (Anastasia) for nothing, so she will thank you.
7. The next day, I went to her at 18:00 in the evening you see the taxi leaving to go to her house, she tells about the fact that her husband lost the house.
8. Go to the brick and ask about umare.
9. Pay the debt and go to Anastasia
receive thanks.

Arina aka Ariana Marie
Pornhublink: Ariana Marie

Short walk:

You first meet her after a day of work in the Glory Star office in the office of Mellissa’s husband (see Melissa walkthrough). After you get the promotion you can meet her in the warehouse. Offer her some tea and she will refuse.

Talk to Vova in the University and ask about tea. Later talk to Vova again to buy the tea. Now you can drink tea with her in the warehouse. After some tea she will ask you about ecstasy. Buy some with Brick (see Kate’s walkthrough).

Give her the ecstasy in the warehouse. Next day drink tea again and affer pills. Choose “Not so fast” option and shee will offer to play cards. Buy the special deck from Vova in the university (See Yana’s Walkthrough).

Now you have the option to play cards with her in your office at end of the day. Continue playing card untill you kiss her with friend (4 times).

Meet in the warehouse again and drink tea. From now on you can give her pills after drink tea in the warehouse and have the option to make her strip for you. Continue the process and you will have the option to give more pills in exchange for more strip. You also can dance with her now in club on weekends and give more pills to have some action.

You can meet her at gym in the university at 13:00 and in the hall at 14:00 on weekdays for more pills and actions. If your tea is over buy some more with Vova and buy more ecstasy with Brick. After a large number of pills taken she will call you at 2:00 on saturday when you are in your house (need to be awake) to take her out of jail (need 15000).

Now you have some more actions in the warehouse drinking tea. After some time she will cal you again at 2:00 on friday when you are home. Let her enter your house. After some more time she will call you again (for me was 20:00 on wednesday – not sure if this is always the time) and invite you to her house. You finally fuck her.

…. end of the old walkthrough….

there is new content for her so it is likely that some triggers are added or changed

Dasha & Masha Twins
Dasha & Masha Twins
So Far the only Twin you can actually get to have sex with is Masha

Go to twins house (between 18 and 23) play “Truth or Redemption” (Tequila Required)*(You need to build up your physique first)
Do “Redemption For every option until you you get to the Kiss Scene
Next Select “Truth” your npc will say they like masha
Go to The house between 7am an 12(Must Been after you’ve started uni)
Take Her Home “To Invite”
“Talk about what happened”
Go to her house in the morning again take her home than say “Will Show Boobs”
Repeat the previous dot point and keep pushing her boundaries until you get her to fuck you
*Tequila, you can buy it from the shopping centre
She Can Only be fuck in the mornings though

Lena aka Piper Perri
Lena aka Piper Perri
Right now she briefly shows up with Elsa, but she can already be played with in the game.
The girl is a lesbian, lives with her girlfriend and rents an apartment. It seems they are very serious. But with her help, you can expand Elza’s horizons in terms of sexual preferences.?
Must have had sex with elsa 20 times
Enter elsa house
You’ll meet lena
Select “You’re The First”
You’ll go through a number of scenes, an have sex with her

… That is all the content for her so far. Made this so that i can easily edit it for future versions of the game

Rada AKA Kada Love
Rada AKA Kada Love

Aunt Rada, there’s not much with her yet. Your main obstacle – the fact that everything is good with the lady and her husband! They have a wonderful relationship. Do not believe me? Talk about parents with Shurik. After that, try to spy on the married couple in the evening when he’s screwing her. This is not a very pleasant sight, but maybe fate can have mercy on you and give you a chance? After two or three peeps – wander around the park. Well, if you succeed in getting rid of the husband- it will then be necessary to “recharge” your aunt’s excitement in the kitchen. 😉

Try to spy on her after 21:00(you wont have acces)
Talk to shurik till option “talk about mom and dad” appears.
Spy her after 21:00 in her room 3 times(fucking with husband).
Go to park offer 3000p to gipsy
Enter her house , shurik will tell that his father left.
Talk with her about her husband, stare at boobs,offer assistance.
Touch both boobs
Go to club : options Home, it is , of course (yes) (not sure 100 about this part but save first).
Go to her room after 21:00 chose option ubloat

… This is for the game Son of a bitch!
After you have planted the sexual stimulant in your aunt’s kitchen, spy on her in different locations. You can watch while she fingers herself, and then there will be an option “to help her” – at home and at her work. Chat and help her. When sitting in her bedroom, peek at her boobs. After a while you will meet her in a nightclub dancing with a young guy. Take her home, answer her questions “correctly” – and it will lead to a blowjob right on the street. Next, discuss this with her at her house on the next day.

Juila AKA Julia Ann
Juila AKA Julia Ann
About Julia, she is my paternal grandmother. The woman who hated my mother and her hatred projected itself on both me and Oksana. I remember only glimpses of her from photo albums. She ran off to marry an American, gave birth to his daughter and then later settled down in Los Angeles as a permanent resident. And now Grandma has returned to her homeland. I don`t know a thing about her, besides her address, that Yana gave me. Grandma returned to her old house in the suburbs. It is not very far from us.?

Ask yana “Ask Ian what it is” after 9am in the kitchen(if the option doesn’t show means her stats are to low)
Talk to your mum about “To talk about babe Julia” at 8am
Go to Julia’s, Exit your house, The Suburbs, ul. The World, House Of Julia.
After 10am at Julia’s house, Press Call, and say “To be someone that left”
Offer to work
Go the Next day work than agree

Julie is the easiest lay if your stats are high enough
You can have sex in her loungeroom when you go over
You can have it after you do the work.

Baena Ivanova aka Billie Star
Baena Ivanova aka Billie Star
About this character Baena Ivanova is the woman that works a the front desk of the fitness club. She is Shuriks girlfriend, they met and a are in love… or are they. She loves jsut to be called jack, she lives in a apartment in Chkalovsky(The Middle Apartment). She originally went to university but when the money dried up, she got a job. Her mother was sick so the rest of her family and her younger lovable sister left, she will not fail to do a honest days hard work.

You will meet her one day when talking shurik (Completely random)
You will be required to catch her between 8 an 10 am with her trainer in the gym (This will need to be repeated 2 more times)
Afterward go to shurik and “Talk about his Girlfriend”, he won’t care
Go back to Baenaand “Talk about Bald”… (you’ll have a small chat)
…After That you’ll be able to take her to the cafe around(you need to have the suit for some of these scenes) 12pm/1pm midday, and invite her to the restaurant at 21pm(after taking her to the cafe a few times), also “Offer to Conduct”, where you just take her home for the moment
Take her for a few of these things until her attitude is high enough
On one of the the Restaurant dates you will take her home, you need to have Wine, with you which you can buy from the shopping center.
From then on, at 21pm while she is at the a Fitness Center an “offer to conduct” (Make sure you have the wine, an martini), “Burn a Movie”
Pour at least 2 glasses
Touch her
Leave an repeat that step for a few times
When the option to kiss turns up
When you wake up at her place leave, and from then on on weekends you can now invite her to the beach and valley, do each option twice
Than go to your laptop “Watch/Read Vampire Diaries”
Than During the week while she is working around midday invite her “to the park”
Wait a week after that event
Go to her house she will be in tears
She had invited you to the night club, go to her house @21pm an “Take to Club”
Take her home and FUCK HER

You Need to raise her stats an repeat option to open more options
Sex Scences
Go To Her House an Watch A Movie (Wine Or Martini Required)
Call to Bedroom
Watch a Movie on the weekend an can fuck her the next day (Friday, an Saturday Night triggers)
She occasional get horny an you get a blowjob, where you can choose to leave the cum on or off her face

Lizaveta Aka Lisa Ann
he is the wife of Rector, the head of the uni, she is the social teacher as well, she is a woman who needs a strong hand…?

Meet the guy named Vova in the hall of university.
Talk to him and after this you meet Lizaveta for the first time.
Talk to Vova again after 19:00 in the hall and you will be in rector room (Lizaveta husband).
Talk to mom in the kitchen at 8:00 and she will receive a call from Lizaveta.
You can visit her on wekeends from 10:00 till 16:00 to clear the pool and on weekdays on her office at Uni.
You can offer help, in either locations. Do this a few times and eventually she will invite you to stay for diner on weekend.
Next day when you enter University the rector will talk to you.
Repeat the process for another diner and next day rector will talk to you again in the University.
Enter the rector office at 18:00 and see the scene
Talk to the guy named Lame in the hall of University.
Show him the videos and demand him to report rector.
Next day when you try to enter University a police officer will say that the entrance is closed.
Try again later and enter the Lizaveta’s office.
Talk about husband and offer to solve it solve it.
Talk to lame
Next day tell her its resolved
Talk to mum in the morning
Talk to liza again ask for help with exams
The next day visit her again there will be another option
Another option the next day
Then from there start the photoshots
After that do one after (1, 2, 1, 2…) another until a new option shows.
Visit the next day from there you can have sex with her at the school
Have sex with her 10 times
Talk to vova about who has the best pussy
Call Lisa while you’re at your apartment and take a photo
Go back and talk to vova and show him the pick then select “hands”
Go to liza between 8 and 18 hours and talk about tee
Go to vova and call to lisa between 8:00-18:00
Prof Camera can be brought from the Mall, for 130000, if not brought for sasha’s questline
For photoshots to it (1,2,1,2) continusually
Sex Scenes – Once a day
Her Office
Meet her in the hall
Friday between 13 – 14 in the workshop room

Amia Miley
Amia Miley)
bout the heroine – Alena (aka Amia Miley) is the English teacher at University. She dislikes it when you’re sleeping in her class. She’s also known to give you the cold shoulder

You need to take english lessons on tuesdays and thursdays after the normal lessons and sleep during lessons. Do this a few times (7-10).
Also you need to meet Elsa’s father on weekends in the business district at 18:00 till 20:00 five times until he talk about the teacher (see Elsa’s walkthrough).
So in december you have a option to rape her and turn her into your whore. At this point you can fuck her every tuesday and thursday after lessons.
After you fuck her 5 times you will have a chance to make her clean you apartment in the business center. Go to your apartment in the evening and new scenes will be unlocked. Continue fucking her to increase relation. After some time you will have the option to fuck her in the gym (sports center) at 17:00 till 19:00 on mondays, wednesdays and fridays.

Kourtney Kane
Kourtney Kane
bout the heroine:
Luda (aka Kourtney Kane) – Works with your mom as her secretary. She sometimes eavesdrop on your conversations and her strange noise coming from you mother office. She has her suspicion but no hard evidence.


Talk to her in the office and talk about her with mom in mother’s office. After this you can start corrupting her. Some time later you can invite her for lunch between 12:00 and 14:00.
After some lunchs she will give you her address to do some repairs. Now you can visit her on the weekends in suburns near your house. Visit her and do the repair.
Ask to go to bathroom and place the hidden camera (need to buy first). Now you can watch her in your laptop. You can alsospy her in her house at 8:00 till 11:00 on weekends. Continue the repair in her house on weekends and eventually a kiss happens. So meet her in the office to talk.

Melissa aka Isis Love
Melissa aka Isis Love
The wife of the boss your character, one only ever fucks a beautiful passionate wife is home alone. P tied to progress in the work. If you are for the week showed high earnings – it will encourage you and offer to continue in the same spirit. After the second week – you will get a new post manager. Mon, Tuesday, Friday – the boss in the office of the boss, come and hang out with her – relationship catch up to the maximum. It is best to raise the ratio of Melissa – your success in the business for a week. Upon delivery of the successful report – it’s great to raise its ratio to the HS. Come to her office with a riser at a great relationship, it will ignore it. If you try it kiss- worsen relations. Riser will pump debauchery and one day she will call you to drink champagne. Actually on all rail.

You are required to distribute flyers in the center at 12:00 till 19:00 for 10 times (An its a need to have a high physique and fight stats)
Go to the park between 24:00 till 6:00, an you should be able to intervene in a event
After this go to Glory Star production center in the business center(Weekdays)
Go To the office, an accept the job offer
Enter you cubicle daily do your job, eventually you will meet Melissa, in the evening at the bosses house. (Fridays usually end of the week).
Do your job at office again and again and in the end of day you will meet her again eventually (A friendly tip is to save before job because sales success are random) After meeting her in the office if you’ve sold enough she convinces, the boss to promote you.
Now you can visit boss office to talk to Melissa (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) you can also can visit the warehouse to meet Arina.
After some more time enter in her office, she will complain about her husband cheating, an she will invite you to the roof.
At the day “Go up to the Roof” (I think as long as it isn’t Friday) and you will fuck her there for the first time.

To raise her depravity, go to her office with a boner…
kiss her that will lower her attitude towards effect you. But raise her depravity
You must raise her attitude towards you again. an than for about 10 times(Thanks @jerricho13)
She is in her office on Monday, Wednesday an Friday
Where you can “kiss” her, or walk in with a boner, an “kiss” (after first sex, scenes)
If you have wine you can “Invite to buster!” an fuck her on the roof again
She’ll be in your on Tuesday an Thursday
Horny Ready to fuck

Sasha aka Sasha Grey
Sasha aka Sasha Grey
Sasha is Shurik older sister, she will have a long and successful shave, and even try to drive under your heel – requiring adjusting. This, of course, will raise its relation to you, but make no mistake, because in the case it will be the Mistress, and you are its six! Because when it’s your success in the field of advertising (video advertising), it will not suck, and she will require you to help.

IMPORTANT: Make sure her attitude towards you is below 450?

After a while of doing the entertainer job go to the bussiness center and go into “Studio Nester”. He will offer you a job.
Do the job on weekdays for 4 days.
Than go to shurik house any time between 19:00 and 22:00 and sasha will apologizes for her actions.
Talk to shurik next about his sister, this unlocks you inviting her on dates.
Talk to her between 19:00 and 20:00 at the hall of her house or in her bedroom at 21:00 till 22:00.
Talk about date and meet her on friday at 18:00 in the Cafe. The next date is saturday at 18:00 in the Cafe.
After a few dates she asks you for help with a modeling job.
On the weekends anytime between 11:00 and 18:00 you can do your first photoshoot in her house.
Next you need to go and see Antonina and “Talk About Sasha”.
Go back to Sasha on a weekend to tell her and you will have another photo shoot.
After that visit Antonina with her file. Than do another photoshoot with Sasha and she will sign the contract.
Go to Antonina again and give her the photos. Open your laptop at home and see letter from Tony. Add in photoshoot nude.
After a few days Sasha will come to your home and sign it.
Now you can do a nude photoshoot with her in her house on weekend.
After the nude photoshoot go to Studio Nester. (He tells you to make a website, and buy her stuff)
You use your laptop, Make a site (wait a week for the site to be made)
Check the site
Next you should head to the gym and inquire about a annual subscription the gym, after that buy it and the salon one.
Wait a few weeks check your pc an see her stats are at attractive
Check offers on the site, if there’s one accept it
On Saturday or Sunday talk to her during the day
In a week go to Shurik, he tells you she is a the club with her boyfriend
Go on the weekend and look for her(handcuff’s required for next part)
Choose the option which takes her back to you apartment.
You’d hancuffed her, after the first day visit her daily in your bathroom (do not let her go)
Keep doing it and eventually you will be able to have sex, with her and prep her arse for anal
Let her go once you’ve had anal with her
Talk to Rada, when you can and “Ask about Sasha”
Go to your pc and check sasha’s site
Check offers and refuse that one
Wait a week, for the week_name to reset
Than check again should be a better offer
Around 7pm – 8pm see sasha in her living room and give her contract
Talk to nester, offer to buy a dress
Next day in your room after 10am sasha will come over
Its probably a good idea to get Antonina to the point of sex with relationship
You need to buy the camera, for the photoshoots
You also require to buy or rent the apartment in the city
Hand cuffs can be brought from the sex shop
The Dress cost 80000
Rada can be found
At her work during the week after 9 am
In the bathroom at 7pm
In her bedroom during the weekends
If are fucking her in her room at night during the weekdays

Ivana Fuckalot
Ivana Fuckalot
About heroine
Jan (aka Ivana Fuckalot) – summary younger sister hero dad. Sweetheart enslaving a girl from the village or residential type settlements. She came to prepare for admission to a local university. She bit shy of the big city, to prefer sitting at home and the lessons of the park in which it can be reduced. He likes to watch programs about the gambling, can she plays?

You first meet her shortly after cleaning the spare room 3 times once mom request you to do so. Invite her to the park a few times on Saturdays. You can invite her to the beach but she don’t have a swimsuit so you can buy her one on sundays (if the option doesn’t appear you need to corrupt her some more).
Take her on shopping on weekends to buy more clothes for her (need to buy all 8). After some time you can massage her in her room at night between 19:00 and 21:00. You can also bring coffee to her in the kitchen at 6:00 and help her with exercises in the hall at 7:00.
After corrupting some more she will enter your room and invite you to the park and the first kiss happen. Next day she enter your room again and say it was wrong. Go talk with sister in her room on weekends about stepsister. So talk to mom in the kitchen at 8:00 till 9:00 about stepsister. Talk again with sister and mom about stepsister on same times and locations.
After this visit stepsister between 24:00 and 6:00 on weekend and ask her what happened. After this you can play cards with her at night but you will lose every time. So go to Vova in the university and talk with him about cards and he will give you a special set of cards. Now you can win and progress with her. After win a lot of times you enter her room and a dialog will trigger. Now you unlock new actions like kissing and gropping.
So later she enter in your room after 20:00 requesting money. Offer an alternative. She will refuse but some days later she enter your room at night again and accept offer. First blowjob happen.

Samantha Rone
Samantha Rone)
About heroine.
Marina (aka Samantha Rone) is older than Dasha by a year, but it is much more open and at the same time scared of people. She does not eat meat and do not like those who eat it wildly. She is shy about her body, believing herself ugly in their family. In this field it has a lot of complexes and complete lack of experience in relationships.

You first meet her by entering Antonina’s kitchen between 6:00 and 9:00 after fuck Antonina in her house.
After this keep visiting her in her house and in her work (shopping) to raise relationship. Continue corrupting her until she call you to meet in her house between 16:00 and 18:00.
After this point you will train her to not be shy. Make her strip every oportunity to raise relationship until she call you a second time. Now you will have the option for kissing.Continue corrupting her and eventually you will unlock blowjobs.

Dakota Skye
Dakota Skye
About heroine
Dasha ( aka Dakota Skye) younger daughter Antonia, going to college and strives to be like her mother. She even looks arrogant and self-confident – still in the vulnerable soul. The main thing is for her reputation, as well as the opinion of the mother. Because of this, ready to go to great lengths. Young girl wants to love like everyone else, but seeing that the mother of men, should be the same.

First time you meet her is when Antonina demands you to take a package. After this you can fuck her after intervene in a fight in the night club (you will need to buy ecstasy with Brick before otherwise nothing happens).
After full relation with Antonina you meet her at her house between 18:00 and 20:00 and she talk about the night you fucked her and ask your help to erase the video. Go to the club and talk to Mayor. Enter her house again between 18:00 and 20:00 and tell her about the erased video. You can watch her change in her room at 16:00 and can watch her showering in her bathroom at 9:00.
After some time Antonina will call you and ask you to pick her up at the school. Do this a few times(In front of Antonina’s house between 14:00 and 16:00) until she ask you about your relationship with Antonina. Say it’s “Just sex”.
Buy or rent the apartment in the business center and next time you pick her up at the school you will see her with a friend. Continue picking her up at the school whenever requested until you take her and friend to home together. So listen the dialog and after this enter her house after 15:00 and talk to her.
A date option will be available, (Wine is required for the date) So meet her in your apartment (business center) on Sunday at 17:00. Another 2 dates and you can fuck her. Also you can fuck her at 9:00 and at 20:00 in her bathroom on weekends and in the pool at 12:00 on weekends too. If you have a hard on you can fuck her in the hall at 15:00 till 20:00 on weekdays.

Elsa Jean
Elsa Jean
About the heroine:
Elsa ( aka Elsa Jean) is classmate and also your mother’s boss daughter. She’s old fashioned, not having sex before marriage, unless the main character has a say.

You first meet her after you unlock lessons in uni (sep 1st) and go to the office area. You will see the mom boss leaving, follow him and you will see the blond entering the car. Try to approach her at the university. She will ignore you.
Go to brick (see Kate’s walkthrough) and orchestrate a false flag attack on her to paint you as a hero for saving her (wednesday 19:00 on university) and you can start corrupting her, and do movie dates with her. After a lot of movie dates one of these will eventually trigger the first kiss scene, which lets you make out with her at her house.
After raising her corruption a bit, you will have a handjob in her house. Do nothing more in her house until next movie date that will unlock the option for blowjobs. At this point, you get the option to take blowjobs in her house.
After some blowjobs you will have the option to take a picture of her blowing you. Take the picture to her dad at the office, and he’ll ask to meet you on the weekends after 18:00 in the business center. Doing this a few times (6 times I think) he will ask you to make a video of her in the bath. Do the video and give him in the business center at 18:00 weekends. He will set a plan for next saturday.
Follow the plan and drag her to the bedroom in saturday. The next day you visit her you will fuck her for the first time. After this she’s yours. You can fuck her while she is studing in the hall on a few days a week in the uni and on the other days she will be in ballet room for more scenes.

India Summer

India Summer

India Summer

About heroine
Irina Andreevna ( aka India Summer) very similar to her daughter, Masha, or like her? The woman in full bloom, it lacks the attention of men, a man completely went to work and did not notice it. Irina inflated like young men in this YY it almost ideal, and the woman with all the passion he tries ohmurit their enchantments.

Irina open the door on Masha house after you fuck Masha 3 or more times. Keep trying to go to Masha’s room with a hardon to raise it more and improve you relation, eventually she will start feeling you up openly both in the living room and her room.
Talk to her weekends after 22:00 in her room and eventually you should be able to get a date option with her in the bar. Date her and you will have an option. Choose “Don’t Know” to have a blowjob.
After some time if you get in the Masha room Irina will massage your dick in the way. At this point you have a choice to make: Tell Masha about harassment or don’t tell. Supposedly if you tell Masha she will encourage the relationwith Irina and eventually you’ll have a thresome and if you don’t tell you can fuck both mom and daughter but never have a thresome (untested).
After blowjob scene continue visit Irina in different times on weekdays and she will eventually talk about the diner (you can fuck her sometimes during this visits too). The diners events in her house occurs on Saturday at 18:00 till 19:00.
After third diner you can fuck her in her room after 22:00 and can sleep with her. Also can fuck her in the bath in the morning. If you choose to tell Masha about harassment you have the threesome scene after five diners.

Aunt Nina
Aunt Nina aka Rachel Steele
Aunt Nina aka Rachel Steele
Technically She is not your characters aunt. She is the sister of your characters grandmother, but when she hates being called that, and therefore we call aunt. The woman, though she has aged, but it has not affect her looks. Especially when she is not attached to anyone, except for when she is helping in training her Sisters daughter, an son that live nearby.?

To start her quest-line, you are required to go grab a pair(2) of her panties, between 10am an 4pm
An While she’s in the house between 4pm(16:00) an 7pm(19:00) masturbate in your room at her house.
After 3 times she catch you masturbating.
Say that she’s wrong then ask her to masturbate you.
After this you can call her in you room to masturbate you between 7am and 11am.
After some time you can request foot massage, a than a handjob in the hall at 9am.
After some more you can masturbate in hall while she is out between 11am an 4pm, get caught and request the handjob.
After lots of handjobs you caught her masturbating in her room after during 11pm and 12am.
Catch her a few times you can talk about sex with her in her room at 11pm.
Eventually after that she will lick your cock in the morning “Call Aunt Scene”.
Meet her in the hall at 4pm between 8pm to “discuss the incident”.
After a few more handjobs(Ask her to lick an show boobs unlocked) and visits to see her masturbate.
You will have the option to make a special compliment, while in her room after 11pm.
Continue increasing her depravity, by “to Stick” while she in the Kitchen, an while she is in bed.
Do that until the option to talk about harassment appears in her room after 11pm.
Your first blowjob will be when you call her at in the morning
You than “thank you for a blowjob” in the living room after 4pm
Blowjobs are unlocked now, but she will not swallow
After a few blowjobs, you are required to talk to her in hall 2 times wait a few days between each… between 4pm and 8pm. Now swallowing scenes unlocked
Once you’ve done a few blowjobs with are talk to her at 11pm in her room an “To Fondle A Aunt” Repeat this until you’ve fucked her
Talk to her in the hall at 4pm to 8pm about “To discuss the incident”
Repeat “To Fondle A Aunt” again an fuck her again an than Discuss again
Repeat “To Fondle A Aunt” again an fuck her again
Than you are required to go to her room an discard the blanket. fuck her
Next time you talk to her in the living room between 4pm to 8pm “To Discuss Sex”
Sex Scenes Are Now Unlocked

Her home is located in Chkalovsky, Marx 11, Entrance 3
She is at home 7am till 10 am, and 4pm an 11pm at night, you can also sleep there
If you Buy the sleeping pills you can put one in her drink while she isn’t in the kitchen(She goes the the kitchen at 8pm)
With that you can fondle her.(save first since you don’t always succeed)
Use your PC to buy them(Sleeping Pills).
You can and will get her pregnant, by coming inside.
You will not know for the first month an a bit an after 3 months it starts to show.

Cherie Deville
Cherie Deville
About heroine
Antonina (aka Cherie Deville) – She herself not supported by a man. She has her own lingerie chain stores, there is also a small hotel on the coast. The woman brought up and raised two girls. Not really trust men because he believes them to be weak and strong themselves.

Keep working as an entertainer, eventually she will tell you to help with some boxes. No real choice here, you have to do it. When that happens, offer a massage, but don’t get to brave.
After this point, you can visit her at the shopping center and give her a massage on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. Keep doing those massages, after some times (roughly 7-8, maybe more) you can get to the next massage level (legs,front,naked).
After some times she will ask you to model for her, do so (nest you cash and needed to continue her chain). It’s pretty important to have a hard on when doing the shoot, since that raises her slutiness and needed to eventually trigger the next event.
Keep doing the massages and shoots until the event triggers, she will take you to her home and you will get a important choice that’s change future events with her. If you agree on that choice you become her toy and can only lick her after massages. Nothing more.
If you send her fuck yourself on that choice she will apologyse in the next time you work as entertainer in the shopping center allowing you to have blowjobs after massages and some time later fuck her after massages.
At this point she will ask you about the relationship if its serious or just casual sex.
If you choose serious relationship you will have full access to her house. Later you meet her daughters Dasha and Marina in her house and have a nice cash income working as model in some events she call you in the cellphone. Also you can visit her at shopping monday, wednesdays and fridays with a hard on to more scenes and can suggest a showerin the hall at 20:00 till 23:00 for another scene. If you have a hard on and meet her in the pool at 19:00 till 20:00 another scene happens. And another scene trigger when you enter her bathroom at 19:00 till 20:00.
But if your choice was “Just casual sex” whem prompted you have the oportunity to call her on cellphone on weekdays in different times to fuck her in your apartment (business center).

Kate aka Magarita C
Kate aka Magarita C
Kate is a kind person. Girl meets in the gym, you can become a personal trainer. She is from a wealthy family and lived alone with my dad. Her father arranged a marriage with the son of a friend, and she lives with an understanding of the inevitable, though he believes her fiance just a friend, nothing more. But as Kate docile and domestic, and even without any experience of relationships, she does not dare to oppose his father’s will. Be careful with him, he stands out 24 hours a day!?

To get the gym girl you need to start working at the gym (reach max physique, the trainer will speak to you).
Your work as her personal trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18:00 till 20:00.
Start training her, get to know her, get access to the massage room to give her massages (the gym trainer will give you the key after you give him steroids, get those by beating up gopniks in the park at night 5-7 days in a row till you get approached by a guy called Brick, he can get those to you). Meet her at the park during one of the days/evening, tell her you can tutor her (gives you access to her home),
pass her father’s test (see correct answers ahead) and you can tutor her at home.
After unlocking the tutor sessions, do the first one than buy the dictaphone from the shopping centre(may already have brought it)
Go home, go to your room and “Read A Text”
Than Carry on doing the tutoring sesiions keep doing them to raise her corruption
Eventually you’ll have a choice during tutor sessions. Choose “You make me very happy”
It unlocks the blowjob option. you are required to use VANILLA lube.
Once she say that she passed the massage test when trying to practice a blow job in the gym
Go to cafe between 16:00 and 21:00 and break the window. Enjoy the scene
At 9 Am go to kates house you’ll meet her boyfriend
Repeat it an now there will be a option to talk about fiance
Go to her house monday at 5pm (17h) Enjoy the scene
Go to her house the next day at 6pm (18) her dad will speak to you (kates house unlocked)
Vanilla Lube can be brought at the sex in chalvosky, can be applyed in your bedroom
Once blowjobs unlocked you can do them between 9 – 10 am
Also at the gym on tuesday an thursday
Once youve unlocked the first stage of fucking the scene triggers are basically the same as blowjobs
After you do end up unlocking her house
You can fuck her still at the gym
You can now fuck her from 6pm (18 h) to 24(pm) while she is in her kitchen, and also on the weekends

Masha aka Kacy Lane
Masha aka Kacy Lane
She is like Light/Sveta, she is a classmate of the hero, but that’s she comes from a wealthy family. So her rich dad gave brought her a house in the “Valley of the poor”(Valley of the Rich meant to be translation is wrong). This area used to really considered the Richest, the barracks and the Expensive houses are located. But they have huge park, an live near the river. This area has an excellent environment, it was brought and built up. Masha lives there now, a lover of night clubs and expensive gifts (perfumes).

To meet her you need to work as an entertainer in the shopping center weekends.(max out physique to get the job)
You will meet her after the second or third time you work there.
After you meet her, you can go to her home with the metro.(Valley of Poor)
Start the usual ritual of raising relation and slutiness.(having boners an talking to her, dirty jokes)
Invite her to the night club at 4 times
Once her stats are high enough you’ll be able to fuck her during morning workout, (between 10am and 1pm).
You can also fuck her at the club, an buy massaging oil from adult shop to perform a sexual massage after she does her workout
After fucking her a few times in the evening her mother will open the door.
From here you have access to her house, you can now fuck her in the mornings in the gym(In the house)
In the Afternoon visit her room her mother will eventually corner you (Her stats need to raised up)
Allow her to Check, otherwise you close her quest line
When talking with Masha, talk about harassment.
she gives you permission to proceed with her mum Irina (if her stats are close or maxed).

If her attitude to you drops to much try using perfume(Thanks @DeMarcus16)
By Talking about harassment it allows for the threesome with her, an her mother.
To do sexual massages you need the oil from the sex shop
You can have sex with her in her room in the afternoon, an night
Can have sex in the home gym
Once threesomes are unlocked, you can fuck Masha in the afternoon in the lounge room
Once Do a threesome in the kitchen each night
An While She is at the pool at 6pm(Her House)

Betsey Kite
About heroine
Sveta (aka Betsey Kite) – A former classmate of the hero, a lover of drink, but do not davalka (yet), can effect belief may age. He lives in a simple residential area, in the afternoon in the park acquired. If the history of the game to go with it, it gives a plus to the relationship, plus you can immediately find out her address.

Meet her during your walk in the park. Raise relation and slutiness via normal means.
However, you will also need to drink beer with her in the park and vodka at her home, and drink tea at her home (need chocolate for this).Tea drinking also gives you and indication when you can start getting touchy with her. When the picture changes, you can feel her up.
Don’t insist on the sex yet, though, she will refuse. Keep going with the tea+feeling up,beer and dates.
Eventually you will be able to fuck her after tea drinking (haven’t found a real way to tell when, just save before visiting and trying). Keep at it some more, now with added sex in the events and you will beable to fuck her instead of drinking vodka (usually at the point you give her the butt plug or a bit later).
After you become a model for Antonina and your pictures start popping up as adverts around the city, somebody will email you asking about a swinger’s meeting (check computer). You can convince Sveta to swing with the couple with you. After some time you also unlock a option to talk to Surik (your friend that lives in the same street as you)to fuck Sveta with you in the park.
If you decline the swinger offer, Sveta can get pregnant after some time, at which point you can opt to pay for a new apartment for her, which unlocks a few more scenes.

Sister aka Daria Glower
Sister aka Daria Glower
About you character’s Sister, she is a bitchy girl she is a little older than your character, her mum was always busy with serge, so she dislikes him and constantly makes fun of him. Serge always trying to be irritating right back at her attitude towards him. only recently did she start dating someone. She Currently goes to university in the city.

Talk to her an “Invite to Picnic”
After doing that about for about 4 times an option will appear one the next outing with her(“To Prepare for the “Special” picnic!”)
Do the Special Picnic
Talk to your sister when she is in her room an
“Pull the Tits out!”
“To touch Boobs sister!”
“-But this!”
up to you doesn’t matter.
From here you’ll need to raise her attitude to you back up to do this you’ll have to give her a lot of perfumes an magazines, until she is basically friendly or ready for anything
After her stats are raised you will get a event when you go to her room on the weekend in the afternoon where she is crying, and you will need to do the following
“Give pizdyuley former!
From there she is yours
Depending which route you complete your characters Mom on if you did the regular route you can try an get your mother an sister to have threesomes with you.
Threesome Walkthrough
To Begin once you mother is fully yours, an your sister has knocked on her door an they have talked an she said she loved you.
Start by having sex with each of them during the night and day, at least 10 times each for there “They suspect variables to count up” to above 10
Keep doing it until you notice your mother spying on night fuck in your sisters room.
See your mum in the kitchen the next morning.
Drag her to your room have sex sister walks in.
Talk to your sister after 7pm in the kitchen
Talk to you mum in the kitchen in the morning about “To talk about your sister”
Go to the living room at 9pm to hear them talking
Go to the kitchen talk to your sister about “To talk about GMG”
Next day talk to her again an “To offer to go to mom” Repeat it for the next few days until you get your mum congratulations.

Raise relation and slutiness via normal means,General Guide and tips is a excellent thing to read if you haven’t
Good measure to know when you reached a good point is if she allows you to touch and lick her tits at her room during the weekends, an while she isn’t a uni before august.
You can convince your sister to help you with the exams at the uni, can ask her while on picnic
Talk to her on the date of your exams should be option if you asked her on a picnic
Follow on Sunday afternoon “go to city, should be a option to follow sister”
It can be repeated, multiply times for more scenes
After full relation she will visit you in your room if you don’t fuck her for a few days.
Also you can fuck her in front of your house Saturday 19:00 when she’s trying to go out with friends.
After you fuck her in front of house she will enter your room Saturday 17:00 to beg permission to go out with friends and you fuck her again.

Savanna Samson
About heroine
Mom (aka Savanna Samson) – a mom and have the closest a woman in his life. She works in a large construction company in the city center. She has two children, in addition to the hero has his older sister. The father of young children and my mother threw a lot of years ago. It seems to be left to another family and went to live somewhere in the area. Since then, she did not try to improve the privacy of all time dedicating to children and work. But now the children are grown.

Mother’s Main Route
Jerk off during the evening (20:00 to 23:55) so she catches you. After some times the picture will change, keep doing it for some more while trying to catch her getting fucked in her room (roughly during 20:00 till 22:00).
After you’ve seen her getting fucked, ask her about the guy during the morning (8:00 till 9:00). Kick his ass at the park during the weekend morning (save before trying, there is always a chance to lose, even with max fighting skill).
Ask mother during the morning where the guy went. Keep getting caught jerking, eventually she will start giving you handjobs and later blowjobs. Keep at it. At some point sex will be mentioned, you will need to buy birth control pills give it to her and invite to the restaurant again. Do the date, fuck her.
After having sex with her a few times and if her affection/corruption is high enough, you should try having sex with her at 9:00 am when she’s getting ready for work. you will eventually get a scene where your sister overhears you two in her room, and asks her mother who she’s got in there (sis doesn’t know it’s you).
After this go to the living room/hall room after 23:00, and eventually a scene should trigger there about a conversation between your mother and sister. once this has triggered, stop by your mother’s room, and she’ll discuss becoming a full on couple with you.
At this point, you unlock more sex scenes with your mother, and are now able to sleep with her in her room at night. After you sleep and wake up during night she can meet you and blow you in the corridor. If you enter her room after 21:00 you can sometimes see her wearing some clothes. Do this 3 times in a row and you can fuck her in the weding dress.
If you wake up sister and fuck her between 8:00 and 9:00 mom will catch you and will talk about this (she will consent) in the kitchen on next day at 8:00 till 9:00.
After this fucking her in her room at night will make the sister catch you. Next day meet sister in kitchen at night to talk about this (she will consent too). Next day talk about all this with mom in the kitchenat 8:00 till 9:00. Next day go in the hall after 21:00 and see the girls talking about you. Next time you fuck sister beetwen 8:00 and 9:00 the mom will come to see. Probably a threesome in upcoming versions is planned.
To christmas event with mom you need to enter your room december 30.

Mother’s Alternate Route
NOTE: Main’s Depravity should be reckless, Mom’s attitude should be ready for anything.
At the begin just keep discussing sex with shurick and jerk off after 20:00, until you can watch shurick’s mom and see mother fuck her BF in her room at 21:00. Then keep watching shurick’s mom at 21:00, until the option that allows you to watch your mom show up. Keep doing that a few times until mom catches you 2 times, then she said that she would take about it later.
On the weekend, between 12:00-18:00 talk to shurick. At this point, the option to chat with mom should appear. Go to see her and keep complaining 2 times. The following day at 21:00 call shurick to peek at your mom again. Then the day after talk to him about her BF, your mom should be alone after 21:00 if you are on the right track.
Next morning at 8:00 ask her why she was sad. Then go to talk with shurick , choice the new option (discuss the situation). Next time you get in her room, the laptop should be there, on her bed.
Access it when she goes to work. Somehow if you can’t do it, just drug her with sleeping pill, then go to her room after 00:00 that night. The laptop will be accessible this time. 10:00 next day go to your laptop and create an account.
Next morning, at 7:00 move her CUP in the kitchen, then help her at 8:00 (make sure you are erect). She will slap you after that go to your laptop at 10:00 (or later) and chat with her again. Then keep helping her with boner a few more time until you can check her at night.
This is the key point. When you can check her at night, go to her room and try to molest her until you can cum on her face, just try again if you fail.
Then stay in your room (you may go to do something else but avoid to meet your mom) until 10:00 to chat with her again (by fake ID on laptop).
The next morning talk with her in the kitchen, she will tell you to come at this night for the sex lesson. Enjoy your sex lessons until she shows her chest.
Next day talk to her in the kitchen (something about her health). Then talk to shurick about your mother. Then go to the doctor and bribe him (City-Metro-Chkalovsky-Hospital)
The following day talk to her in the kitchen (ask about doctor). She wont say anything but you can check for a new mail after 10:00.
Then make sure that you are tired enough to take a nap at 22:00 ( in Hall). Do it again on the next day and choice to wake. All you have to do now is cum in her coffee in the morning and after sex practicing until she kisses you. Keep practicing kiss a few more times then talk to shurick about your plan.
Next practicing time, the option (wave shurick) should appear. The next day talk to him again about the result. Then at 19:00 go to the bath room and have sex with her.

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