Son of a bitch! – Version 0.25

Son of a bitch!

Developer / Publisher: Avenger Patreon
Censorship: No
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: English, Russian
Genre: ADV, SLG, Blowjob, Titfuck, Anal sex, BDSM, Incest, Blackmail,
File size: 9GB

about Game:

The protagonist of the game a young boy, who had just finished school and now must choose their own path, how to act and what to do to you. Go! Sexy girls are waiting for you…

So new thing is ready, the first snow fell, melted and had dirtied the street … But if briefly, then was such a good at 300 thousand characters, it is present in addition to the content itself and the story in different NPCs, and a little technical part.


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Replace the qsp that’s in the assets/standalone_contents folder with one of the files that are in the post if your are wanting to play in english
3- Run “Son of Bitch.exe” to play game


1. I’m getting this error message ” “*.qsp”, Папка: SOB\assets\standalone_content”
A: You have either no QSP file in that folder or multiple. Rename the file extension of the one you don’t want or delete the file entirely or add a QSP file in there that you want to use.

2. I’m getting this error message “\assets\standalone_content\mp3/start.mp3”
A: Your start.mp3 file is corrupted, you’ll have to re-download that file and replace it.

3. Other error messages: Location not found, end missing, bracket not located, Unknown location, etc.
A: These are missing in the game file, so if they’re reported they will be fixed eventually. There is one error for location not found if you try to cheat before going through the intro. So wait until you reach your house before cheating.

4. My game is still in Russian!/This game isn’t in English!
A: Get one of the en files from the main thread page and put it in your standalone_content folder. Make sure there’s only one qsp or you’ll get the message from Q. #1.

5. Where are the save games located?
A: My documents\Сохранения игр Quest Navigator for Windows users.

6. Does anyone have a save game that I can use/Can I use my old save games?
A: No, the variables change in this game quite often so it’s always best to start a new game after updating. However if you use a cheat version you could probably speed up to where you were last before the update by changing the variables.

7. Is there just an update package?
A: Not until someone makes one in which case it would be on the main thread page.

It is small but there are many corrections and corrections. There were new locations in the university and a new gift for the little guy 🙂 + a new card for the Persian and its module, the other smaller changes, but still important will be written in the detailed list below.

The love branch gets a continuation, the English teacher has already specifically settled on our Serega, so we need to develop success and enjoy all the benefits of the current situation, of course, of course.

Hot Madame has not appeared in the game for a long time, go along her love branch to get a sequel. In her house, inevitable things happen, she is already sitting firmly on Serega, but do not relax, there will be a little more trick to discover new horizons 🙂

Blonde starts up in all serious of course, not without the help of our hero, to see the continuation with it, it is impossible that she flew, otherwise kaput. A lot of moves plus in this update the Persians will be linked together during the passage.

This proprietress can not be out of the way in the current hands, she was not very happy to share Serega with someone else before. But time passes and as they say, change or die! So she has nowhere to go. I think that you already understood that the last three Persians are closely related 🙂

Guess who it is! Do not be afraid, this is not a new Persian: D It was just decided to change the name of Mai, to Fira, because the game already has a similar name for the telochki from the senior courses of the University. Fira gets its start, card, module and schedule. From this it is almost possible to understand what kind of character she is. Since the next semantic layer with her weighty, he did not get into this update, but with her there will be a sequel immediately in the next update.

Dasha and Masha’s Neighbors
These are, in appearance, simple calves, not so simple already! Sorry for the pun 🙂 We get a direct sequel with them, so we’ll see if they can fuck Serega or not. Moving is attached, although it is all in this update except for Fira. PY.SY can be preserved before passing a neighbor 🙂

As always, briefly and almost without spoilers, the stuffed post is on a fast hand, as you noticed the update came out quickly though and was late for a few hours from the scheduled, now it’s Monday night, but I believe that a few hours is not a scary, enjoyable game!

Below, as always a detailed list:
– Changed menu style
– Fixed launching events in the shopping center
– Fixed start of events in cafe
– Fixed start of events in Oksana’s room
– Adjusted the branch of Alena with Tonya
– Corrected the launch of the event with Elsa in University
– Corrected the launch of events in the room GG
– Minor changes in the general module
– Partially corrected text errors (Russian version)
– Added new locations in the University
– Stadium
– Dressing room
– Added continuation of the main line of events with Alena
– It added events in the University
– It added events in the car
– With her added events in the bedroom GG
– It added events in the hall of the YY
– It added events in the bath GG
– Added continuation of the main line of events with Antonina
– Added new dialogs with it
– With her added events in her bedroom
– With her added events in the kitchen
– It added events in the hall
– Added a continuation of the branch of events with Dasha
– Added new dialogs with it
– With her added events in her bedroom
– It added events on the 2nd floor
– Added a continuation of the line of events with Marina
– Added new dialogs with it
– With her added events in her bedroom
– It added events in the hall
– With her added events in the gym
– With her added events in the kitchen
– Added a continuation of the branch of events with Fira
– Start is changed with it
– A card has been added to it
– It added a module
– It added events near University
– With her added events during training
– Added continuation of the branch of events with neighbors Masha and Dasha
– With them added events at home at YY
– Added event
– Day events have been added to them
– With them added evening events
– They added events during the booze

Download Pc version part 1

Download Pc version part 2

View Walkthrough

Son of a bitch! Walkthrough by nicknames

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