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Sins of the Father – Walkthrough/Guide



Sins of the Father porn game

Guide to Sins of the father
This is not a step by step walkthrough, but rather a general guide to playing the story.
When this work was being done in Unity I received numerous inquiries about making a walkthrough. I
never liked the idea because I believe that part of the fun of going through visual novels or games in
general is finding the various paths on your own. That means making choices based on the dialogues
present instead of skipping through content to get to the various images or paths, if you will.
There are two variables when it comes to the various NPC’s, that the mc (main character) will interact
Trust and lust.
Trust is mostly used to see how far you are going down a path of “love”, when it comes to the female
NPC’s and it shows how much the male NPC’s “like” you.
This is not to say that you will one day bang a male NPC, but some of these NPC’s will have wife’s,
daughter’s, sister’s and mother’s that they may want to introduce you to – if they like you enough, that
Lust is mostly used to see how far you are going down a path of a more “sexual” nature. The higher the
lust, the more likely it is, that you will eventually have a sexual encounter with an NPC. It also speaks
to their promiscuous nature. Some may be hidden, and some may be a little closer to the surface – like
Marsha, the cougar next door.
Each NPC has their own personality and background. This includes sexual orientations, sexual
maturity, sexual likes and dislikes, likes and dislikes in general and so on and so forth. This means, that
you cannot expect every NPC to behave the same, when they hit a certain level in Trust and/or Lust.
An example of this (spoiler ahead!):
Marsha is a cougar and she is always on the prowl for new meat. This means, that no matter, that she
has no points in Lust when our protagonist meets her the first time, she is very forward towards him
and she is an easy lay if the protagonist so choses – even at a low Lust.
Compared to Mary, who can be raised to 20+ Lust, but still wont touch our protagonist because of her
inhibitions which will need to be removed or otherwise manipulated by our protagonist or by others,
like Marsha who may be able to sway her if she gets a little one on one time with Mary.
Trust and lust are best kept close to each other unless you want to experience some adverse effects –
depending on what you like or dislike of course.
This is still early in the development cycle, and has not really been shown yet, but consider the
following development down the road (spoiler ahead!):
Jocelyn has 30 Lust and only 15 Trust. You have just engaged her sexually and things are going well
(in a purely sexual way). The lower Trust makes her prone to wanting to experience sex with other men
and women than the protagonist whereas a Trust, much closer to the level of Lust, makes her want to
only have sex with the protagonist.
There are quite a few variables when it comes to the protagonist of this story:
Energy, Corruption, Focus and Prowess
Energy is used to display the sexual energy that the protagonist is picking up from various sources.
These are used to fuel his dreams, influence people around him, raise or lower the stats in NPC’s and
so on and so forth.
Corruption is used to display the ethical and moral struggles within the protagonist. The higher the
Corruption, the more he is struggling with himself and ultimately it will push him over the brink and let
him be imprisoned within the Pleasure Zone.
Focus shows how easy or difficult it is to contain the Corruption within the protagonist. The more
Focus, the easier it will be to keep the Corruption in check. Focus is also used when the protagonist is
trying to make use of his energy and change things around him and ultimately it is used to gauge how
much energy he can collect from the sources around him.
Prowess is a measure of how effective the protagonist is when it comes to the sexual encounters of the
story. The higher the number, the easier it will be for him to lead a woman to an orgasm and thus
releasing the coveted sexual energies of the universe. The higher the Prowess, the more energy will be
I try hard to make all of the choices matter in some way and a seemingly “poor” choice may prove to
be “good” choices down the road. What I am trying to say here, is: Not every choice has an immediate
positive or negative effect!
Please consider the following (spoiler ahead!):
You have chosen to help Jocelyn unpack on the first day and at the library you chose not to drop Gina
off at her friend’s place on your way to the French quarter. Later that day you are presented with an
annoyed Jocelyn, but you placate her and promise to apologize to Gina on the next day. All said and
done you apologize to Gina and suddenly you realize, that you received more Trust and Lust with Gina
than you would have gotten if you had given her a ride the day before.
There are other effects of this choice already and further down the road there will be more, but I hope
you understand the point I’m trying to make here.
Locked content.
I am a firm believer in locked content, and there is already some in the game, and it will continue to
grow. As a player you will not be able to experience every image or dialogue in the story, during a
single playthrough and this is by design.
(Spoiler ahead!):
In fact I suspect that it will take quite a few tries to get to the scene where you watch tv with Mary and
the scene with the protagonist and Jocelyn pleasuring each other. These scenes cannot be reached in the
same playthrough, because earlier choices block them from happening at the same time.
Bear in mind that this project is a work in progress. This means, changes will happen from time to time,
that will require a new playthrough because of me fiddling with, for example: variables, adding images
and dialogues to earlier builds, changing the flow of the earlier story, etc.
Why would I want to put you through this? I really wouldn’t, if it could be helped, but I’m just a novice
developer and mistakes are bound to be made down the road and they need to be addressed in a proper
manner before they blow up in my face, if left unattended.
Cheers and thank you for playing.

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