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Sex Emulator (Pc,Mac,Android,Iphone) Generate your sex partner

Sex Emulator is brand new interactive 3D adult game. The main idea is to give you a chance to setup your own dream sexual partner.



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About xxx online game sex emulator:

Sex Emulator is brand new interactive 3D adult game. The main idea is to give you a chance to setup your own dream sexual partner. At the beginning you will choose how should your dream girl look like. You can choose ethnicity, hair color and all body parameters like size of but or tits. After this basic setup you go right into the action. You will move you dream girls skill to higher level. With simple command and obey feature, you will tell your new 3d girlfriend what she needs to learn and practice right now. As her skills are going to upper level you will see that she is able to do more exciting activities. From basic pussy fingering or dildo play you will get step by step to cock sucking, ass fucking, gangbang or BDSM. Everything leads you to a neverending interactive porn game experience. Join now! Start building your perfect woman at Sex Emulator!


Sex emulator covers

Sex Emulator – A Browser Sex Simulator

In the past years, browser sex games have become more and more popular, and that’s because the graphics have been enhanced. I remember back in the days when I used to play all those Flash games in which the erotic content was just a slideshow. Well, things have changed and now we have so many hardcore games. One of the best browser sex games of the moment is Sex Emulator. The graphics of the characters in this game are incredible. But what’s hotter is the attention to details. And you also get to customize your character. After you created the babe of your dream, it’s time to enjoy some naughty action with her on a couch. There are plenty of kinks and fetishes that can go on in this game. There is also a premium version that will come with so many other features, but the free version of the game gives you enough action to have a great time in front of your screen. Let’s take a closer look at all the features of this game in this next Sex Emulator review.

Sex emulator – Customize Your Dream Girl 

When you start the game you will be asked to choose between three different settings of intensity. You can choose between Soft, Hard, and Extreme. But whatever you choose won’t make a big difference in the game. After that, you can start customizing your dream girl. The best feature about the customization part in Sex Emulator is the fact that you can select the ethnicity of your character. You can choose between a white girl, an Asian girl and a black girl. Then you get all those other classic customization options, such as breast size and hairstyle. Another interesting feature is the skill tab in this game. Basically, you will get to spend 300 points on four skills. The skills are sucking, spanking, anal and feet play. This is all in the free version of the game. If you choose to create an account and get the premium version, you will also be able to choose from a list of six famous characters. The famous babes you will get to have fun within the premium version of Sex Emulator are Daenerys, Black Widow, Katniss, Rey, Princess Leia, and Hermione Granger. The premium version will also unlock some backgrounds in which you can enjoy your virtual fantasy, such as a classroom, a castle, a bedroom or even on the beach.

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Sex emulator – The Gameplay

The gameplay is based on a point and clicks system. You will get a menu on the left side of the screen where you will find all the naughty actions that you can make your character do. In the free version of the game, you will be able to select five of these actions: anal sex, feet play, titty play, spanking, and blowjob. The actions will all be fulfilled by the babe with the help of sex toys. That means you won’t have a male character to actually fuck this babe. In the premium version, you will get ten other kinks and fantasies. Amongst those, you will find pussy play and squirting, but also some naughtier kinks, such as fisting, tentacle fetish, furry play, and even roleplay. Also, the premium version will unlock the camera control of the game. You will be able to select from multiple camera angles, zoom in on the babe and even increase the intensity with which she fucks herself for you. There’s even an option to screen cap the hottest positions and moments. But the hottest feature of the gameplay and a feature not many browser sex games have is the voiceover for the characters. The babes have a sensual voice and a hot dirty talk script. Their speech alone will be able to make you cum. You can play the game with your eyes closed. On top of that, the game also comes in French and German, and all the dirty talk is dubbed in those languages.

Sex emulator screenshots

Sex emulator – The Graphics in Sex Emulator

The thing that separates this game from all the other sex games and the thing that made us feature it in this collection is the incredible level or graphics. The online sex game industry has come so far in the past years. The characters in these games are so realistic. Not only that the graphics are making them feel real, but the way they move and the way they look into the camera also adds to the feeling. First of all, when you don’t give them anything to do, they don’t just sit there, lifeless. They are visually breathing, they tilt their head, they blink and they smile. I also love how responsive their bodies are. Their boobs are bouncing, their asses and pussies are getting stretched and the graphic work on the hair is amazing. The lights and shadows are coming to complete the perfect image in this game. And if you zoom out on their body parts, you will notice that their pussies are wet or that the areolas of their tits have nice pimples.

Sex emulator -Ready For A Hot Online Experience?

The Sex Emulator game is amazing. I know that the game is always trying to get you to sign up and get the premium membership, but I do believe that the premium membership is really worth it. Even if you choose not to go premium, you will still have a wonderful time with the demo version of the game. But be careful. If you play the free version of the game, you will want to get more. I don’t think there is any other online porn game at the moment to offer the same quality as Sex Emulator, both when it comes to graphics and when it comes to gameplay. On top of that, those dirty talk voice overs which are in a way jerk of instructions are a sweet addition. Try this game now for free and see if they convince you to go premium.


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