Research into Corruption v.0.6

tags : Voyeurism, Impregnation, Milking, BDSM, Spanking, Anal, Group, Public Sex, Toys, Gloryhole, Exhibitionism, Incest
Developer/Publisher: Boomatica
Censorship: None
Version: 0.6.0
OS: PC/Windows
Language: English
Size: 3 GB

about Game:

This is a Modded RPGMV Game to simulate a type of Visual Novel Exploration Corruption game.
Note : This is not your ordinary RPG Maker Game!
You need to corrupt the people around you to help you with your new line of work.

Changelog 0.6.0:

Sarah :
(Home – Sarah’s Room (9PM) )
– (300CP) Sarah Massage (19 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
(Home – Toilet (10PM) )
– (300CP) Generic Event (4 Pictures)
— (300CP) (Opt 1) (Blow-Job) (5 Pictures) (1 Animation)
— (300CP) (Opt 2) (Make sure she’s clean) (4 Pictures) (1 Animation)
— (300CP) (Opt 3) (Anal) (5 Pictures) (1 Animation)
(Home – Sarah’s Room (300CP) (11PM) )
– (S+M Sex Triggers) Sarah + Chloe Night Event (16 Pictures) (1 Animations) -added
(Home – Transition event (11PM) )
– (400CP) First Vaginal Sex Event (25 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
Chloe :
(Home – Lounge (9PM) )
– (300CP) Chloe TV (19 Pictures) (1 Animations) -added
(Home – BedRoom (10PM) )
– (300CP) Chloe + Mr.Ted (3 Pictures) (1 Animations) -added
(Home – BedRoom (11PM) )
– (300CP) Who’s there? (21 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
(Home – Transition event (7AM) )
– (400CP) First Anal Sex Event (21 Pictures) (2 Animations) -added
Shannon :
(Auntie’s Home – Kitchen (5PM) )
– (0-75CP) Offer to make Shannon Tea (6 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Kitchen (6PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon just finished dinner (10 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Bathroom (7PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon just finished dinner (10 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Kitchen (8PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon doing the dishes (11 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – Lounge (9PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon watching TV (15 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – BedRoom (10PM) )
– (0-75CP) Shannon Relaxing on bed (8 Pictures) -added
(Auntie’s Home – BedRoom (11PM) )
– (0-300CP) Shannon Sleeping (16 Pictures)-added
– (0CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (75CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (150CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (225CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
– (300CP>) (4 Pictures) -added
Cheat Menu :
– Unlock all : Will unlock all Current Events for said characte. (But not the 400CP Transition event)
– Chloe : Set CP level 400 -added
– Chloe : Unlock all Moved -added
– Sarah : Set CP level 400 -added
– Sarah : Unlock all Moved -added
Map :
– Night Map -added
– Once past Time:19 (7PM) the Night Map will show.
Main Menu :
– 0.5.9 Changed to 0.6.0
Credits Page :
– Nadesico -added
– Dr.Smith added to Special Thanks
– HeadHunter67 added to Special Thanks
Game Changes/fixes :
– Intro : (characthers) changed to (characters)
– 7 Different events around the home now show the Corruption increased to message (Submitted by DrSmith)
– Added the Skip Animation to 3 different events around the game (Submitted by DrSmith)
Bugs fixed :
– Working on patreon from pc leading to no UI on screen -Fixed. (Submitted by DrSmith)
– Staying at Aunti’s house past 11PM should no longer show black screen -fixed
– Spy Cam 3 Showing wrong video. -fixed
– Clicking Leave on certain events leading to black screen / Still images – fixed
– Currently the End of this Event Messages Added / Removed from events
– Chloe Washing Dishes event (Trigger) fixed

Download Pc version Part 1
Download Pc version Part 2

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  1. There is a new release out 0.6.5 bugfix.

    I’m working on the next release but it will take a while because I’m doing this in my spare time.

  2. For those downloading the new release and running into a load error:

    Well I learned a valuable lesson: don’t rush bugfix releases!

    I have been busy solving the ‘missing .png’ loading error because some more people showed up having this error.
    It appeared that I have forgotten to switch off a plugin needed for MAC and can cause problems on Windows computers when other games using the same plugin have been played.
    To fix this, I have uploaded a new file: ‘RiC fix loading error package.json’.
    When you run into this loading error: download the fix, move it to the game folder, delete the original package.json and rename the fix package to package.json.
    The game will now load without any problems and the saves will be stored in “Users\’username’\AppData\Local\Research into Corruption”.

    Link to the fix:!VvJESCab!Mg7iO5MqnbsZlJowCfhQfcX-Y3juP8MNMK2eJiLHFus

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