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House of Maids – Walkthrough



House of Maids
Game Walkthrough
Thank you suporting for “House of Maids” game development! This is the official walkthrough
of the game, it describes all in-game events, plot choices, XXX options and uncovers all secret
scenes and CG artworks. Have fun!
v 0.0.1/ 0.0.2 Content
You start the game on the motorboat sailing towards the tropical island.
You give the protagonist a name and learn some backstory about your character’s life,
motivations and plans about the photoshoot with a hot Instagram model Jessie Joys.
At this point Jessie’s CG art gets unlocked for the game’s CG gallery. You can open the CG
gallery from the main menu and enjoy unlocked artworks whenever you want! Be advised, that
clicking on “Reset Global Data” in the settings will erase all content from the CG gallery as well.
Once you arrive on the island, it becomes clear that you’re in the wrong place: there is no diver’s camp here and no Jessie Joys. You spend some time trying to find the way out or call for
help, but nothing works.
You get tired and decide to have a nap. That’s when the “Dream” episode starts and you get
two options: to have a dream about your school teacher Miss Rose or about your stepsister
Alice ( unlocked in v 0.0.2). Both dreams have their own mini-games, choices and XXX-scenes.
Miss Rose dream
If you choose Miss Rose, then you are taken to the classroom, where the busty teacher asks you
to answer three history questions.
Righ before the exam starts you can unlock the secret scene – “Secret Window”.
You need to be attentive : when Miss Rose removes her jacket and the protagonist says “It’s
really getting hot in here!” , click at the center of the big classroom window.
After that the secret scene starts and you’re presented with a secret CG artwork!
Girl-on-girl action never gets old.
If you’re into hot girls in latex and strap-ons, you’ll really enjoy it!
Miss Rose starts the exam with the first question. After that the tutorial message explains the
mini-game mechanics. Giving correct answers to Ms Rose makes her strip right in front of you.
After the successful exam there’s an XXX scene with Ms. Rose. It’s interactive and you get two
sex choices.
After the XXX scene is over the protagonist wakes up back on the island.
Alice dream
If you choose to dream about stepsister Alice, you’ll find yourself in her lovely room.
Alice arrives shortly and reminds you about the photoshoot.
Photoshoot is another mini-game which has its secrets as well. You need to choose Alice’s
facial expression, background for the photo and girl’s pose. Different combinations of these
elements for all three outfits will lead to different outcomes.
The worst ending for the mini-game is when Alice refuses to continue the photoshoot after
showing you her swimsuits, and you won’t get any unlocks and CG art.
The best strategy to avoid bad mini-game results and unlock new content is to follow these
? For casual outfit : “Neutral face”, “Stand near the table”, “Give an air kiss”;
? For silverskin swimsuit: “Neutral” or “Smile”, “Stand near the window”, “Show a heart
? For mini-bikini: “Lusty face”, “Stand near the bed”, “Spread legs”.
These choices will unlock bonus photoshoot with Alice in her fetish outfit. Besides, later in the
game while travelling around the island you’ll get a bonus scene and unlock another secret CG
artwork (keep reading)!
Black rubber and leather look good on Alice! At some point she proposes to have sex with her
and you get two choices: to have sex with Alice or change your mind and reject the preposition. If you reject the preposition then a CG artwork of Alice gets unlocked, the dream ends
and the protagonist wakes up back on the beach. If you choose to have an affair with Alice, an
interactive XXX scene starts. You get two sex choices to make and unlock sex CG art for the
gallery. After that the dream ends and you wake up on the beach.
After the dream
You have a swim in the ocean to calm down a bit and then decide to have a walk along the
After having a walk, you’re presented with two choices: to stay on the beach until the evening
or start searching for help and water on the island.
If you choose to stay on the beach, then the boat takes the player off the island later in the
Nothing happens, you just leave the place and never learn anything about it. That’s the “Quick
and Sad” ending, the fastest way to finish the game.
If you choose to travel around the island, you appear in the forest and later on find the crossroad.
Here you can choose three directions: get back to the beach (under sonstruction!), turn left or
turn right.
Choosing the left road takes you to anoher location – the stables.
The place is locked .You decide to return back to the corssroad. However, if you’ve previously
unlocked fetish outfit for Alice and her sex scene, you get a secret scene, which contains the
CG ponygirl artwork! After the secret scene you return back to the crossroad and
need to choose another direction.
If you choose the right path at the crossroad, then at some point you start hearing someone
moaning in the forest. You follow the sound and make your way through the bushes.
Then suddenly you find an unknown half-naked young girl in a kinky outfit, who’s enjoying
herself in the middle of the forest. The trees and leaves obstruct the view and you decide to
find a better spot of observation.
You are presented with three choices: to remain on the same spot, to move left or move right.
If you move to the right, the wooden stick under your fool cracks and the scared unknown girl
runs away. If you move to the left, however, the voyeur scene continues and you enjoy the
pink-haired girl fucking herself in the ass with a big dildo until she squirts. Tip: do not jerk
off while watching the girl or the wooden stick will crack! The girl quickly disappears right
after having an orgasm.
You get out of the bushes and continue your journey along the road. While walking, you recover memories about the porn video, and you can choose if it’s about the squirting girl or the
futanari babe. Your choice determines what hot scenes will show up in the future as well, more
of it later.

Finally, the road brings you to the big mansion’s entrance. Here you meet sexy maid Sofia, who
believes that you’re an invited guest of the house and asks you to come inside and meet with
her Mistress Linda. After certain hesitations, you enter the building.

While walking along the hall of the house, you have a conversation with Sofia about the place
and its owners. At a certain moment something noisy happens in the mansion’s kitchen and
Sofia leaves you for a short time to learn about the situation. This is when you can unlock a
secret CG:
right after Sofia leaves the hall you start looking around and notice pictures on walls. Click on
the big picture with a lady wearing a hat, and you’ll unlock the kinky ballerina artwork for the
CG gallery.
Sofia quickly returns and together you walk towards the stairs to the second floor. You’re having another conversation with Sofia. Near the stairs you can unlock another secret CG for your
collection: right after Sofia says “We need to walk upstairs, Sir” click on the picture hanging
above stairs – you’ll get the kinky artwork featuring lesbian watersports!
On the second floor you enter the office of Mistress Linda, and Sofia leaves you to perform her
duties around the house. While waiting for Mistress Linda, you look around the house and find
another hot character.
Your previous choice during the porn video scene determines if you get a sexy girl or a hot
futa, who’s serving as a half-naked room servant in latex. You are also presented witha choice
to play with a newly discovered beauty or to simply have a drink. While having fun, you can
masturbate the girl/futa or make her lactate for you. Then you decide to drink some water. But
right at that moment Mistress Linda enters the room, scares you with her voice behind your
back and you break the glass…
What’s going to happen next? Prepare to find out in the next game update v 0.0.4!
Your love and support help to create this beautiful erotic adventure. It’s your story, your
choices and your game! Stay tuned! 🙂

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