Gates: The Opening Walkthrough

You need to start the game from last Ulya event.
If you don’t have your own save files you can use 13’th save file. The one where MC is with Ulya.
At this stage, all the events are linear and connected with each other so you will jump from one to another.

>Go to the basement and check Ulya.
> After that the chain of scenes will bring you to the gym for the first part of. (FREJA EVENT)
> After gym take a bus (optional) and go to your class. You will meet with Ulya and Hardaway at the entrance.
>Go to your class and start the test. (sit on the chair)
>After leaving the class there are two events that you need to trigger. One of them is Grace’s event. If you had sex with Grace on day 7;

1)Go to the library (3’rd floor, left side of the corridor)
> When she hides go to the spot that I highlighted and find her.
check pic.

2)The other event triggers when you get to the school entrance. After Lilia’s message go to the schoolyard and talk to her.

When you are done with those 2 events leave school.
Mr. Hardaway will drive you to the rundown house.

After Freja’s event go to the Inn for Helena’s / Maria’s event.
You are going to have a Maria event at the inn.

> Finish it and go to the cemetery.
> Walk south of the inn and get to the other map. Cemetary is there.

>When you are done with Helena go home.
>Go to the dealer next to your home with Matilda
check pic.


>Go to the secret bush.

Get back Home for the last Sonya-Ulya event.

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