Breaking Beth – Episode 1 (Pc,Mac,Android)

Breaking Beth

Censorship: No
Developer: Lewd Dolphin
Platform: Windows,MAC,Android
Version: Episode 1
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Female Protagonist, Corruption
File size: 201.13 MB

about Game:

Will Beth have enough strength to resist them all for the sake of newly built family??? Basically, it depends on you. Yes, it’s totally up to you to decide her fate. You can choose to keep Beth as pure and unspoiled as possible (I call it ‘purity’ route). Or, you can let her be an ordinary girl with her common sense understanding of what’s good and what’s bad (I call it ‘ordinary’ route). Or, you can throw it all at her making her way full of temptations, lust, passion and sex (it’s ‘corruption’ route in the game).​

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Breaking Beth – Walkthrough

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