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A New Dawn – Walkthrough



A New Dawn


A NEW DAWN V 1.1.1

+1 = Scene with CG’s

INTRO, bad end

1 Play the intro by clicking no when asked to skip it.

2 Go through the intro until You’re in the forest

3 When the man asks you to follow you choose to go on your own

4 Enter the new forest area and go through the area until +1

you’re stopped you’ve now triggered the first bad end.

(You’re locked to this area, you only walk in circles)

INTRO, regular

5 Go through step 1-3 but choose to go with him. (A short scene)+1

Else you can choose to skip the intro and miss the new short scene.

6 In the valley talk to the shady looking guys to the right to see the +1

a scene till will unlock slave route.

7 Talk to the horse boy again he tells you to talk to the captain, which

is located down/south

8 Talk to the captain, see the short scene.+1

9 Talk to the horse boy again and choose to go with him (Now you’re in the town)


10 After the intro to the town is finished (you’ve visited the old man, jerk and innkeeper). Go to the pub, and walk towards the group in the lower left corner, when you go outside the bar go to the alley above. +1

11 After sleeping one day in the town you’ll get to see a small scene on how your mother is doing in her new life. +1

11.1 Talk to the captain at the bridge/stage he’ll tell you about paying taxes in the town, and will ask you to perform a favor for reducing the tax. +1

11.2 After some time you’ll start showing him your boobs without his requests.


12 Save then choose to stay with the jerk (The one who stared at your chest) +1

13 Go and sleep, watch the dream. +1.

14 Wake up and try to leave the house, the man will ask you if you’ll want to stay another night, talk to him again and choose yes +1.


15 You can now choose to go out and work or, use this cheat that I’ve implemented, go and press space/enter to the circled event above. You’ll hear applause if it worked. Now you can sleep again (MOVED THIS TO THE CARROT BOX)

16 Sleep and watch another dream +1.

17 Wake up and talk to the man another scene will play +1.

18 Repeat step 15 to 17 until you are asked to move around topless in his house. (i think it’s about 3-5 days)

19 To trigger BE path see dream section down below.

20 After 8-9 days a new girl will move into the house and you’ll be moving in to sleep with the jerk in his new bed. Newer dreams and scenes will play here +2

21 After the new girl have moved in go talk to the horseboy +1

22 After 2-3 days with from the move you can talk to the jerk to flash him +1


18. load the save from step 11 and choose to stay with the old man, also choose to bargain.

19. Go and sleep, when you wake up try to leave the house and he’ll ask you to get bread. Go and buy it in the shop and go back after you’ve worked (more information on work see work section below)

20 Repeat the buy bread section until he ask you to get flour from the innkeeper.

21 Go to the shop and ask him if he knows anyone else who have flour.

22 Save, then follow the instructions, which is leave the town and go down until you find a pond with two trees walk between them to go to the next area

23 (Save on a new save) Walk to the tent (Image will come soon) this will trigger the second bad end +1

24 Load the above and keep walking down until you reach a shore with a cave. Enter the cave if your self esteem is low enough you’ll get a scene here +1

25 Load the save from step 22, and enter the inn. Get the flour (the bag on his desk) then walk towards the curtains and press space/enter +1

26 Work until you can sleep and go to the old man then sleep.

27 Wake up and talk to the old man, he wants more flour… +1 (Will trigger more dreams)

28 Enter the inn. Get the flour (the bag on his desk) then walk towards the curtains and press space/enter +1

29 Keep getting the flour from the inn the (third time)

30 After this there’s no new scenes at the inn but you can work and see three new dreams +1

You can skip point 21 to 24 now but you can also do them.



29 Enter the pub and walk towards the scene, talk to the audience to see the dancer. (short scene) +1

30 Enter the pub after 3 or 4 days might even be 5. Go to the dancer and the innkeeper, press enter/space to see one random image of three. (short scene) +1

31 Walk to the alley above the pub/bar when you see characters up there +1

32 When dancing you’ll get orders from the crowd, there’s three different orders you can get accepting the orders will show cg’s of Victoria dancing as they suggested (not sexual but some nice cgs)

33 When serving the tables as wench and the innkeeper have arrived you can talk to him and see three different CGs

34 When working as tavern wench, if the innkeeper is present you when you talk to him you go fetch a beer directly and give it to him without taking any other order, he will tip you 1 silver for this.

The dreams is affecting Victoria to:

if she is exposed to something that resembles what she dreamed, she will be more easily manipulated. (This is not done yet but will be in later versions)

There’s 7 different dream sequences in the game, they are all listed below how to unlock them.

For example: Guys she’s showing her breasts to, will later be able to manipulate her when she’s doing it.

Boob dreams
stay at jerk house (see below) will trigger this automatic There’s about 5-8 different dreams here.

After you’ve dreamed 7 times with the boob dreams talk to the jerk this will start the BE path. You need to put the ointment on you, and you’ll have to do this in your room.

Glory hole dreams
Go to the glory hole and try to talk to the women there, this will start the dream path, after you’ve seen both dreams you can go back here and see a scene. +1

Dance dreams
When you can dance at the tavern, after your self respect is lower than 75 you can start dancing. This will start the dance dreams (3) this will unlock new clothes for you when you’ve seen all dreams.

Innkeeper dreams
If you’re sleeping at the old man’s house (not the house above) You can start the innkeeper dreams three longer dreams (3). It will start when you fetch the flours from the inn keeper the second time.

Cock dreams
Going to the slave part will trigger cock dreams four different dreams (4).

You start the slave path here (see below)

Prostitution dreams

To trigger them you need to see the Jasmin 1 silver whore 3 times, there’s 6 different scenes with her at this place. You can only do this at night!

Total of: 4 dreams

Blake dreams
Talking with blake in the pub and allowing him to grope your butt will trigger his dreams

Total of: 8 – 10 dreams

Cum addiction
There’s no way to stop the dreams right now but will come later. A person you can come and talk to about your experiences, the person will also try to manipulate you so be carefull!

You can now talk to the “dream stopper” she’ll ask you to gather ingredients for her potion that will help you develop a skill to stop these dreams. She’s in the woods where the second bad end is (see below).

When you started to gather the ingredients to the potion you’ll meet a goblin, and by drinking his cum in the jar will trigger cum addiction, and you can get more by visit him again +3

Another way to get addicted is to pick up another jar if you’re saving Sophie from the goblins in a mission and drink its content.

Once addicted there’s no way to get rid of it right now. You can only grow your addiction here’s how it works: You need to drink 3 loads every day to sate your lvl 1 cum addiction. See the table below for further information.

If you’ve not sated your cravings you will be forced to suck the next cock the protagonist will see. (Goblin cum will count two times.)

Cum addiction table

Cum addiction scenes
Bogwart the goblin, you can locate him at the beach.
Innkeeper and Victoria will trigger from old man route when Victoria peaks at him and the whores.
Innkeeper, Emma and Victoria will occurs when you peak Emma pleasing the innkeeper.
Old man when you peak him bathing at home.
GH room, will trigger as you enter of talk to the girl there.

Slave route
1 After the intro is done go to the bars and press enter/space

2 Be obedient to the man gives one scene +1

3 Don’t be obedient to the man gives another scene +1

4. After the scene is done you’ll start dreaming of something you just gone through. +1

5. A goblin will come everyday giving you food, try different answers to him. There’s about 3-4 scenes here +3/4

6. After you’ve slept you can start training with the device you’ve got from the man. +1

7. To see all dreams talk to the fire and sleep 4 times, I’ll remove the flame later right now it’s only there to let you see all dreams. +1

8. You can also use the bars once again but it will only play the old scene. I didn’t remove the scene since I thought you’d like to test all version of it. +1

9 You can start next training session by calling your master with the ropes answering different will start 2-3 scenes +2/3

More will come in later versions, the food is not done yet and the clean yourself is not done either. Every day in your new life as slave will be met by your trainer he’ll check your status how much you’ve trained and cleaned yourself. If your good he’ll give rewards if bad he’ll punish you. When your master decides that you’re ready to be sold you will be moved out from the prison. Note this is will come in future versions!

Now you’ll have to declare your earnings to the captain standing at the bridge. Warning don’t declare your earnings before you’ve earned enough money/spent all energy so that you can sleep. (Will fix this to next version…)

Day time work
1 Talk to the man in the lower right corner he gives you forage and want you to feed his hens, you can finish this quest in two ways.

1.1 Feed all hens and go back to him. Or

1.2 Don’t feed one single hen instead go to the shop and sell the forage there. (This will affect your mind in later versions)

2 Talk to the woman who’s washing clothes say yes to work.

3. Talk to the captain near the horses to clean them, press Space/enter on them to clean them when they’re clean talk to the captain again.

Night time work
4.1 Talk to the barmaid she’ll ask you to work as wench no corruption needed.

4.2 When the innkeeper arrives at the pub go talk to the barmaid again she’ll ask you to work as dancer now, if your self respect is low enough you can accept to work for her.

4.3 If you’ve accepted both jobs you can select one of them, dancer job brings more silver if you’re willing to follow the orders from the crowd than the wench job.

4.4 When you’ve worked as both dancer and wench 2 times you should be able to talk to the barmaid she will introduce a nickname for you

4.5 Now go and talk to the cleaner lady by the river and work as tavern wench every day until she ask you to buy a new outfit. gather 50 silver to buy it from her.

4.6 Now you can work as tavern wench in the new outfit. When the men grope your butt they will ask you to work without a top and after they’ve asked you four times you’ll be able to work without the top unlocking new conversations when serving tables and getting groped.

4.7 When you have seen all dance dream sequences you can accept to dance in a bunny suite.

4.8 The innkeeper will request you to dance at his table, every time you dance. After he have requested you three times you can choose to dance at his table.

Dancing (pub/tavern)

Repeatable dancing will:

lower your self respect.

more likely to accept their requests.

After you’ve seen the dance dreams you’ll get access to the bunny suit talk to the bar girl she’ll ask you to wear it once you’ve seen all dance dreams.

(Tip to unlock it faster, staying with the jerk will make you dream 50% of him and 50% of dancing if you unlock more dreams you’ll have a smaller chances of dreaming of dancing and postpone the bunny outfit longer than if you see all dreams first and then unlock more dreams later.)


I’ll add more interactions between the customers and Victoria, not just: get me three beers. I’m figuring out a way for them to grope/molest her and asking for sexual favors that she’ll accept to do later in the game.

And ofcourse a special interaction with the inn keeper will come in later versions.

Serving the woman will not give any changes to you.

When working as tavern wench, if the innkeeper is present you when you talk to him you go fetch a beer directly and give it to him without taking any other order, he will tip you 1 silver for this.

Blake scenes (The black patron in the pub) + (7-9 scenes)
To start blake scenes talk to him in the pub and allow him to grope your butt.
This will unlock his dreams after all his dreams are done talk to him again to view his scenes.
You can only do one scene a day.
When you’ve done everything he wants (Followed him into the empty shack and behind the bar) he will introduce you to his friends.
You can visit his friends when you want to view their scenes you need to visit them before you’ve been there with Blake on that day.
Every new day you’re visit his friends they will request you to do certain things until you’re crawling.
Now you can trigger a bad end: Visit blakes friends with him after you’ve been visiting them alone for a few days (I think one is enough but are not sure) After you’ve visit them 3 or more times the bad end will occur

Futa elf
Start by talking to Sarah she’s located in the bar, she’ll ask you to join her to fight the monsters. To join her you need low corruption (at the moment)
After you’ve joined Sarah she’ll call you end send you out on missions.
On the second mission you need to fake her order, this will trigger a new mission
After the second mission is done Sarah tell you to go back (the new mission). Once you’re back you’re forced to go into the woods here you’ll meet the new character and can see two different scenes depending on your breast size. (More scenes will come later)
Another bad end can be triggered here

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